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  Tribute to Buddy Holly by Various Artists
Album, Tribute Concert and PBS Special 2011

Listen To Me: Buddy Holly 2011
Label: Verve Forecast

1. Not Fade Way - sung by Stevie Nicks
(written by Buddy Holly, Norman Petty)
2. Maybe Baby - sung by Pat Monahan
(written by Buddy Holly, Norman Petty)
3. Listen To Me - sung by Brian Wilson
(written by Buddy Holly, Norman Petty)
4. I'm Looking For Someone To Love - sung by Imelda May
(written by Buddy Holly, Norman Petty)
5. True Love Ways - sung by Jackson Browne
(written by Buddy Holly, Norman Petty)
6. Peggy Sue - sung by Cobra Starship
(written by Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison, Norman Petty)
7. Take Your Time - sung by The Fray
(written by Buddy Holly, Norman Petty)
8. Think It Over - sung by Ringo Starr
(written by Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison, Norman Petty)
9. Crying, Waiting, Hoping - sung by Chris Isaak
(written by Buddy Holly)
10. That'll Be The Day - sung by Linda Ronstadt
(written by Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison, Norman Petty)
11. Words Of Love - sung by Jeff Lynne
(written by Buddy Holly)
12. Well All Right - sung by Lyle Lovett
(written by Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison, Joe Mauldin, Norman Petty)
13. Learning The Game - sung by Natalie Merchant
(written by Buddy Holly)
14. Everyday - sung by Patrick Stump
(written by Buddy Holly, Norman Petty)
15. It's So Easy - sung by Zooey Deschanel
(written by Buddy Holly, Norman Petty)
16. Raining In My Heart - sung by Eric Idle
(written by Boudeaux Bryant, Felice Bryant)

Waddy Credits:
Waddy Wachtel - Guitar (1, 2, 5, 9, 10, 12, 15)
Waddy Wachtel - Co-Producer (1)

Credits from the album:
1. Not Fade Way - Stevie Nicks
(featuring Sharon Celani, Lori Nicks, Russell Kunkel, Peter Asher, Waddy Wachtel)
2. Maybe Baby - Pat Monahan
(featuring Jeff Alan Ross, Nadine Loren, Peter Asher, Roger Manning, Waddy Wachtel, Aaron Sterling)
3. Listen To Me - Brian Wilson
(featuring Gary Griffin, Jeffrey Foskett, Mike D'Amico, Nelson Bragg, Nick Walusko, Probyn Gregory, Scott Bennett, Brett Simons)
4. I'm Looking For Someone To Love - Imelda May
(featuring Steve Rushton, Darrel Hingham, Dave Priseman)
5. True Love Ways - Jackson Browne
(featuring Dan Greco, Timothy Landauer, David Stone, Mario De Leon, Greg Leisz, Karen Elaine, Jackson Browne, Russell Kunkel, Ji Hye Jung, Peter Asher, Waddy Wachtel, Sarah Thornblade, Rudolph Stein)
6. Peggy Sue - Cobra Starship & Zooey Deschanel
(featuring Gabe Saporta, Ryland Blackinton, Nate Novarro, Victoria Asher, Damien Leroy, Peter Asher)
7. Take Your Time - The Fray
(featuring Dan Greco, Timothy Landauer, David Stone, Mario De Leon, Ben Wysocki, Karen Elaine, Joe King, Sarah Thornblade, Rudolph Stein, Michele Richards, Robert Zimmitti, Isaac Slade)
8. Think It Over - Ringo Starr
(featuring Richard Page, Ringo Starr, Steve Dudas, Bruce Sugar)
9. Crying, Waiting, Hoping - Chris Isaak
(featuring Scott Plunkett, Rafael Padilla, Waddy Wachtel)
10. That'll Be The Day - Linda Ronstadt (from the Hasten Down the Wind album)
(featuring Kenny Edwards, Michael Botts, Andrew Gold, Peter Asher, Waddy Wachtel, Linda Ronstadt)
11. Words Of Love - Jeff Lynne
12. Well All Right - Lyle Lovett
(featuring Greg Leisz, Russell Kunkel, Peter Asher, Waddy Wachtel)
13. Learning The Game - Natalie Merchant
(featuring Uri Sharlin, Jay Unger)
14 . Everyday - Patrick Stump
(featuring Dan Greco, Victoria Asher, Timothy Landauer, David Stone, Steve Aho, Cary Park, Mario De Leon, Karen Elaine, Ji Hye Jung, Peter Asher, Sarah Thornblade, Rudolph Stein, Michele Richards)
15. It's So Easy - Zooey Deschanel
(featuring Bill Cinque, Peter Asher, Roger Manning, Waddy Wachtel, Zooey Deschanel, Aaron Sterling)
16. Raining In My Heart - Eric Idle
(featuring Darrell Leonard, Jeff Alan Ross, Jessy Greene, Peter Asher)

Performance Credits (Alphabetical):
Steve Aho - Drums
Peter Asher - Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Ukulele, Background Vocals, Wood Block
Victoria Asher - Vocals, Background Vocals, Keytar
Scott Bennett - Vocals, Vibes
Ryland Blackinton - Guitar, Background Vocals
Michael Botts - Drums
Nelson Bragg - Percussion
Jackson Browne - Piano
David Campbell - Conductor
Sharon Celani - Background Vocals
Bill Cinque - Bass, Background Vocals
Mike D'Amico - Drums
Mario De Leon - Violin
Zooey Deschanel - Background Vocals
Steve Dudas - Guitar
Kenny Edwards - Bass, Background Vocals
Karen Elaine - Viola
Jeffrey Foskett - Vocals, 12-string Guitar
Al Gare - Bass
Andrew Gold - Electric Guitar, Background Vocals
Dan Greco - Percussion
Jessy Greene - Violin, Background Vocals
Probyn Gregory - Electric Guitar, Vocals
Gary Griffin - Organ, Piano
Charlie Hayden - Bass
Darrel Hingham - Guitar
Ji Hye Jung - Marimbas
Joe King - Guitar, Background Vocals
Russell Kunkel - Drums
Timothy Landauer - Cello
Greg Leisz - Mandolin, Pedal Steel Guitar
Darrell Leonard - Trumpet
Nadine Loren - Background Vocals
Jeff Lynne - Bass, Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Vocal Harmony
Roger Manning - Piano, Wurlitzer
Lori Nicks - Background Vocals
Nate Novarro - Drums
Rafael Padilla - Percussion, Drums
Richard Page - Background Vocals
Cary Park - Guitar
Scott Plunkett - Keyboards
Dave Priseman - Trumpet
Michele Richards - Violin
Linda Ronstadt - Hand Clapping
Jeff Alan Ross - Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Background Vocals, Tres
Steve Rushton - Drums
Rowland Salley - Bass
Gabe Saporta - Vocals
Uri Sharlin - Piano
Brett Simons - Electric Bass, Guitar (Baritone)
Leland Sklar - Bass
Isaac Slade - Piano, Vocals
Ringo Starr - Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Tambourine, Hand Clapping
Rudolph Stein - Cello
Aaron Sterling - Percussion, Drums
David Stone - Double Bass
Alex Suarez - Bass
Bruce Sugar - Keyboards
Sarah Thornblade - Violin
Jay Unger - Violin
Waddy Wachtel - Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Electric Guitar
Nick Walusko - Electric Guitar, Vocals
Dave Welsh - Guitar
Ben Wysocki - Percussion, Drums
Robert Zimmitti - Percussion

Technical Credits:
Peter Asher - Producer, Liner Notes, Executive Producer, String Arrangements
Waddy Wachtel - Producer
Jeff Lynne - Producer
Ringo Starr - Producer
Brian Wilson - Producer, Vocal Arrangements
David Campbell - String Arrangements, Orchestral Arrangements, String Conductor
Jeff Alan Ross - String Arrangements
Paul Von Mertens - Arranger
Val Garay - Engineer
Warren Huart - Engineer
Nathaniel Kunkel - Engineer
Mark Linett - Engineer
Mark Needham - Engineer
Jay Ruston - Engineer
Bruce Sugar - Engineer
Elijah Walker II - Engineer
Steve Jay - Engineer, Digital Editing
Tim Meaney - Vocal Engineer
Doug Sax - Mastering
Damien Leroy - Programming
Sean Keepers - Art Direction
James Henke - Liner Notes
Jennifer Cohen - Executive Producer
Regan McCarthy - Executive Producer

Promo video with portions of songs and scenes in the studio:

"Crying Waiting Hoping" Chris Isaak

"Maybe Baby" Pat Monahan

"Well All Right" Lyle Lovett

"Not Fade Away" Stevie Nicks (audio only)

"True Love Ways" Jackson Browne (audio only)

"That'll Be the Day" Linda Ronstadt (from Hasten Down the Wind 1976 (audio only)

"It's So Easy" Zooey Deschanel (audio only)

Jackson Browne, Peter Asher, Waddy Wachtel in the studio

Waddy Wachtel, Chris Isaak, Peter Asher in the studio

Buddy Holly Tribute Concert
September 7, 2011
The Music Box, Hollywood, CA
Premiering on PBS December 3, 2011

Peter Asher - Host, Organizer
Chris Isaak - Host
Waddy Wachtel - Musical Director

Set List:
Stevie Nicks - "Not Fade Away"
Lyle Lovett - "Well All Right" (Peter Asher Harmony Vocals)
Lyle Lovett - "I'm Looking for Someone to Love" (James Burton Guitar)
Shawn Colvin - "Learning the Game"
Patrick Stump - "Everyday"
Patrick Stump - "Oh Boy"
Keith Richards - Video tribute
Chris Isaak - "Crying, Waiting, Hoping"
Ringo Starr - Video tribute
Michelle Branch - "Words of Love" (Graham Nash - Harmony Vocals)
Graham Nash - "Raining in My Heart"
Graham Nash - "Take Your Time" (Peter Asher & Waddy Wachtel Harmony Vocals)
Boz Scaggs - "Maybe Baby"
Boz Scaggs - "Rave On" (Graham Nash, Peter Asher & Waddy Wachtel Harmony Vocals)
Imelda May, Natalie Merchant, Jackson Browne, Eric Idle, Brian Wilson and Patrick Monahan - Video Tributes
Raul Malo - "Listen to Me"
Michelle Branch & Chris Isaak - "Heartbeat"
Gabe Saporta & Victoria Asher - "Peggy Sue"
Gabe Saporta & Patrick Stump - "Think It Over"
Paul Anka - "I Guess It Doesn't Matter Anymore"
Stevie Nicks - "It's So Easy" (Waddy Wachtel Harmony Vocals)
Raul Malo - "True Love Ways"
Grand Finale - "That'll Be The Day" - Most of the night's performers plus Phil Everly and Albert Lee

Waddy Wachtel - Guitar, Harmony Vocals, Musical Director
Leland Sklar - Bass
Jeff Alan Ross - Guitar, Keyboards
Doug Livingston - Pedal Steel, Mandolin, Guitar
Russ Kunkel - Drums
Jim Cox - Keyboards
Steve Aho - Marimba, Percussion
Lori Nicks - Background Vocals
Sharon Celani - Background Vocals
Bill Cinque - Background Vocals
Jessy Greene - Violin
Steve Blacke - Viola
Claire Courchene - Cello

Additional musicians on some songs:
Peter Asher - Harmony Vocals, Guitar
Phil Everly - Vocals (Finale)
James Burton - Guitar (with Lyle Lovett)
James Raymond - Piano (with Graham Nash)
Rowland Salley - Bass (with Chris Isaak)
Albert Lee - Guitar (Finale)

Video: Preview with clips from the PBS show:

"It's So Easy" Stevie Nicks

"Heartbeat" Michelle Branch & Chris Isaak

"Crying Waiting Hoping" Chris Isaak

"Not Fade Away" Stevie Nicks

Concert photos by Lester Cohen............

Raul Malo, Boz Scaggs, Graham Nash, Gabe Saporta, Paul Anka, Victoria Asher, Waddy Wachtel, Chris Isaak, Peter Asher, Michelle Branch, Lyle Lovett, Shawn Colvin, and Patrick Stump

Click picture to ZOOM
Sharon Celani, Bill Cinque, Lori Nicks, Steve Aho, Waddy Wachtel, Boz Scaggs, Russ Kunkel, Leland Sklar, Jeffrey Allen Ross

Click picture to ZOOM
Waddy Wachtel, Stevie Nicks

Waddy Wachtel, Steve Aho, Boz Scaggs, Graham Nash

Russ Kunkel, Waddy Wachtel, Doug Livingstone, Stevie Blacke, Peter Asher, Claire

Waddy Wachtel receives "Words of Love" Guitar from The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation
Waddy Wachtel with Stevie Nicks
Waddy Wachtel with Jackson Browne
Waddy Wachtel with Chris Isaak
Waddy Wachtel with Lyle Lovett
Waddy Wachtel with Graham Nash
Waddy Wachtel with Linda Ronstadt

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