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Reviews and News - February 2007

WWB - Perfection at The Joint 2/12/07

I know it might sound a little extravagant of me to say that the Waddy Wachtel Band was Perfect in their performance at The Joint last night (2/12), but THEY WERE!

Despite the fact that Brett Tuggle's keyboard was absent from the stage (still in transit from his gigs with Stevie Nicks in Florida), he still managed to totally rock us with his vocals and guitar playing. It was so nice to have our "Live Wire" back! He can scream out those songs in a way that makes you wonder how he doesn't blow out his vocal chords, then dovetail comfortably into soft harmonies on songs like "I Feel Fine" and "Eight Miles High". We were all feelin' fine with Brett back in the house.

Waddy Wachtel sailed through his guitar solos like there was nothing to it. Like slicing through soft butter. And the high notes he hit on his guitar seemed to fly right up to the ceiling and beyond. I love his raspy, rock vocals on "Rolling Stone" and "Jumpin' Jack Flash".

But even with all that talent up there, Jamie Savko didn't take a back seat with his singing. He owned the mic when he sang so clearly, crisply and excitingly on "Girl's Got Rhythm", "Ohio" and "Sin City" (among many others). The audience was so mesmerized by him that you could hear a pin drop - well, you couldn't REALLY hear a pin drop, but you know what I mean. LOL

Keith Allison offered up his own warm bluesy vocals, hot guitar licks and incredible harmonica riffs for 2 songs in the first set. He has a smile that lights up the room!

Phil Jones on drums and Rick Rosas on bass were on the top of their games as well - making it look like it was easy as pie to produce those thundering sounds from their instruments. But then, Phil and Rick are consistently great every Monday night - it can't be WWB without them. I think I even caught Rick playing some lead guitar riffs on his bass occasionally? Nice!

Yup - it was Perfection! You just KNOW when the music rocks you to your soul - and WWB touched everyone last night. Blasted out the cobwebs, and left everyone at The Joint grinning and looking forward to next Monday. As we all reluctantly left the club after a great night of music, we said to each other..........

See you next Monday!


WWB - Better than the original 2/19/07

I'd been thinking for some time that the songs played by the Waddy Wachtel Band at The Joint on Monday nights sounded better than the versions first played by the groups who first wrote and recorded them. No disrespect is intended to those incredible composers, musicians and performers who gave us those songs......... but there just seems to be something extra added by Waddy and the guys. They don't actually change the songs, but add something from themselves into each of those songs that makes them ROCK more! And I love it!!

Waddy's so humble.... If you tell him how great the songs sound, he'll say something like: "Well, they're great songs." If you tell him WWB is the best live rock band around, he'll say something like: "Well, we're LOUD." LOL

It's obvious to anyone who comes to the Monday night gigs that they're listening to more than just a band playing classic rock songs. It's an experience you just can't get anywhere else. Waddy's a true Rocker, picks incredible songs to play, adds his own joie de vivre to them, and the rest of the band joins in like thunder bolts of rockin' excitement.

I was telling Phil Jones last night what an incredible drummer he is. He fills in with riffs that weren't on the original versions of the songs, but makes them work like they were meant to be there - and makes some of the more "soft" songs come to Rock Life. If John Lennon would have been able to hear his drumming in "Revolution", I know he'd be thrilled. Ditto with most of the other songs.

Aron (a WWB fan) told Jamie Savko last night that his vocals on "Rover" (Led Zep) were better than the original. See.... I'm not the only one who feels that way! And Aron's right. Jamie's awesome. The band added a new song last night, "Communication Breakdown" ((Led Zep), and Jamie wailed through that vocal as well. The whole band wailed on it, and the audience was ecstatic.

Brett Tuggle was playing a new guitar last night - a beautiful red Les Paul - and it was a special treat to hear him do some solos on it during "Bitch" (Rolling Stones). We all know how great Brett's keyboard solos are, but this was the first time I'd heard him play a guitar solo and it really sang! How cool!

All of us who go to The Joint on Mondays are sooooooo lucky to be able to hear WWB blasting through those songs - better than the originals. I know Waddy has great respect for Warren Zevon, and I wish Warren was around to hear Waddy singing and playing his song "Lawyers, Guns and Money". I know Warren is smiling!

On the road:

Waddy and Brett flew off today to join Stevie Nicks for a private gig in Hawaii. No, I don't know the details, but whoever they're performing for I'm sure will be thrilled. Don't worry, they're flying back on Thursday and will be back to rock us next Monday night at TJ.

Rockin' Love-

Waddy Wachtel Band at The Joint 2/26/07

Brett Tuggle really rocked the roof off last Monday night at The Joint - performing lots of our favorite songs as a "Farewell" before leaving for a few months on tour with Lindsey Buckingham. We're really going to miss him! We almost got teary-eyed when he thanked Waddy for bringing him to The Joint in the first place (Waddy and Brett have toured together with Stevie Nicks for many years), as we wished him well on tour and look forward to him returning soon.

Waddy Wachtel announced that he won't be at The Joint next Monday night 3/5, but he'll be returning on 3/12. I don't know what he's up to on the 5th, but he'd better have a good excuse for being away! LOL A Monday without Waddy is like a day without sunshine.

Here's the set list from last Monday:

1st Set:
(I can't remember the name of the first song they played, but Brett wailed on it!)
"Misty Mountain" (Led Zep) - Brett
"Lawyers, Guns and Money" (Warren Zevon) - Waddy
"What's Next To the Moon" (Led Zep_ - Brett
"Cinnamon Girl" (Neil Young) - Waddy, Brett and Jamie
"Poor Poor Pitiful Me" (Warren Zevon) - Keith Allison
"Pump It Up" (Eddie Cochren) - Keith Allison
"Bitch" (Rolling Stones) - Jamie Savko
"Eight Miles High" (Byrds) - Waddy, Brett and Jamie

2nd Set:
"Live Wire" (AC/DC) - Brett
"Till the End of the Day" (Kinks) - Brett
"Like a Rolling Stone" (Bob Dylan) - Waddy
"I Am the Walrus" (Beatles) - Brett
"All Down the Line" (Rolling Stones) - Jamie
"Stop Breakin' Down" (Robert Johnson) - Keith
"Somethin' Else" (Eddie Cochran) - Keith
"Sin City" (AC/DC) - Brett

....... Yeah, we rocked!

Other news:

As I said, Brett will be on tour with Lindsey Buckingham for the next few months. You can check to see where they'll be performing at Lindsey's web site:

See you all again on 3/12 at The Joint....... Waddy, Jamie, Phil and Rick will be back to rock our socks off! And you never know who else might show up.

Musical Rockin' Love-

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