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Reviews and News - January 2007

Waddy Wachtel Band at The Joint 1/8/07

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It was so wonderful getting to see Waddy and the guys again after 3 WEEKS for the holiday break. And they really delivered!

BRETT TUGGLE wailed on keyboards and guitar. What a treat to have him back after he'd been away touring with Lindsey Buckingham for a couple of months. And he thrilled us all by singing so many songs in the first set including "I Am the Walrus", "Revolution" and "Live Wire". It was great to get such a large dose of him since he'll be leaving again for several weeks with Lindsey. Our loss! But we'll be waiting for him.

WADDY WACHTEL burned through his guitar solos as usual, and showed his incredible vocal abilities on "Like a Rolling Stone". Everyone in the audience just stares with wide-eyed wonder at how he can bring so much magic from those strings. Phew! Waddy will also be playing some gigs with Stevie Nicks in Florida in February, and watch him with Stevie on the Pre-game show for the Superbowl.

BERNARD FOWLER managed to get to The Joint for the second set from LAX, and we're glad he did. When he walks up on that stage, everyone feels the electricity. He did a great job on "Heroes" and inserted a little section of "Little Drummer Boy" after Waddy's guitar solo on "Sin City", then flew back to finish up "Sin City" effortlessly. The rest of the band flew right along with him - what fun!

JAMIE SAVKO is such an incredible vocalist that it blows my mind. He can hit those high notes that just make your hair stand on end. And with such power and energy! He not only "Shook Me All Night Long" but took me "All Down the Line". And harmonies? When Jamie, Waddy and Brett join up their voices, like in "Eight Miles High", it's heavenly!

PHIL JONES and RICK ROSAS kept us all going all night with their rockin' drum and bass grooves. They seem to be able to follow wherever Waddy takes them musically with big smiles and even bigger sounds! No holes or gaps from those guys. Mmmmmmm!

Keep rockin', my friends!
See you Monday (if not sooner)-

Waddy Wachtel Band at The Joint 1/15/07

I'm just going to write down some of the highlights from the WWB gig at TJ last Monday night. I've been working my butt off meeting deadlines this week, so forgive me for not giving you more info this time. Okay?

I always like getting to TJ early to hear the sound ckeck - more music! Yum! Within a matter of minutes the band had worked out a new song (a Fleetwood Mac song Stacy sang later - my brain is too fried to remember the title). Well, that's what happens when you get together a bunch of extremely talented and professional musicians. It's like...... 3 takes and we got it! Amazing!

Waddy Wachtel gave us a treat by singing his own composition: "High Maintenance Girlfriend" with Jamie singing excellent harmonies. Is there anything Waddy can't do? I don't think so.

Jamie Savko wailed his way through lots of songs in the first set, and people in the audience were asking: "Who is that guy? He's fantastic!"

Keith Allison returned to TJ Monday night and really got down on 2 songs in both sets.

Stacy Michelle joined the band in the second set. She's such a talented and exciting performer. She not only belts out songs with a rockin' voice, but she also plays a mean rhythm guitar and gets the whole band smilin' and groovin'.

There was definitely some magic in the air Monday night - the whole band was up and happy, and everyone in the audience just added enormously to the glow. I think we're all so happy to be there. Was it cold outside Monday night? All of us in The Joint didn't feel it - we were GLOWING!

Love to all my old and new friends. Yooooouuuu thrill me!


Waddy Wachtel Band at The Joint 1/22/07

We got to hear a real Power Trio at The Joint Monday night.

Waddy Wachtel, Phil Jones and Rick Rosas filled up the room with so much sound it was hard to believe there were only the 3 of them up there playing. I still don't know how Waddy can make one guitar sound like two - I swear I heard both rhythm and lead guitar at the same time! Well, with Phil on drums and Rick on bass, everything came together with ROCK force.

Yes, Jaime Savko amazed us once again with his incredible vocals. What a treat to hear him sing so many different songs - and while Waddy keeps adding new songs, Jamie aces all of them. And Waddy DID sing incredibly on "Rolling Stone", "High Maintenance Girlfriend" and "Lawyers, Guns and Money". One other song it was wonderful to hear again was a bluesy version of "Honky Tonk Woman" - with Waddy and Jamie really blending their voices perfectly.

Keith Allison really did "Pump It Up". That guy can not only sing, but he plays a mean harp.

We all missed Brett Tuggle (our "Live Wire") who's still out on the road with Lindsey Buckingham, but he'll be back next month to rock with us.

Keep Rockin' - and the best place to do that is at The Joint on Monday nights!

Thanks to all of you for warming my heart and rockin' with me-

Review: Waddy Wachtel Band at The Joint 1/29/07

Yeah, it was great Monday night at The Joint, wasn't it?

The band really rocked, and so did the audience! Everyone seemed to be up and dancing - Waddy Wachtel even said "You guys are true rockers!" Yup!

Here's the set lists from the gig with some of my own notes:

1st Set:
"Dog Eat Dog" vocals Jamie Savko
"Bitch" vocals Jamie Savko
"High Maintenance Girlfriend" written and sung by Waddy Wachtel
"Ohio" vocals by Jamie Savko - with Waddy singing some great harmonies, especially cutting loose with his voice on the last section.
"You Really Got Me" vocals by Jamie Savko - a new song added by the band.
"Crazy Mama" vocals by Keith Allison
"C'mon Everybody" vocals by Keith Allison
"Rover" vocals by Jamie Savko
"Girl's Got Rhythm" vocals by Jamie Savko

2nd Set:
"Happy" vocals by Waddy Wachtel
"Eight Miles High" vocals by Waddy and Jamie - with Rick Rosas especially playing the shit out of his bass on that song!
"Cinnamon Girl" vocals by Waddy and Jamie
"Honky Tonk Woman" vocals by Waddy and Jamie
"Like a Rolling Stone" vocals by Waddy Wachtel
"All Down the Line" vocals by Jamie Savko
"Lawyers, Guns and Money" vocals by Waddy Wachtel
"Jumpin' Jack Flash" vocals by Waddy and Jamie - Phil Jones played his drums like a lightning bolt!
"Rock & Roll" vocals by Jamie Savko and the audience - another new song added Monday night.

Other notes:

Watch for Waddy playing with Stevie Nicks at the Super Bowl Pre-game show. Waddy said they'll only be telecasting one of the songs they'll be playing that night, but they'll be playing a 40 minute set. Too bad! We'd love to see more of that gig. Oh well - at least we get to see WW on TV.

Returning on Monday 2/12/07 will be the entire Waddy Wachtel Band. Brett Tuggle will be back, Waddy will jump right back into our midst as though he was never away, and we'll rock the roof off!

Love to all - and see you 2/12.


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