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Reviews and News - June 22, 2013

Review: Waddy Wachtel Band 6/22/13

Note from Nina:

That big bright full moon Saturday night was like a guiding star - leading a great bunch of Rock 'n' Rollers to The Joint in Los Angeles to get their rocks off with the fabulous Waddy Wachtel Band. Yes, we all were sooooo happy to be there - band and audience alike. The smiles on everyone's faces were as bright as that moon. Maybe brighter! :-D

Waddy Wachtel, Phil Jones, Rick Rosas, Jamie Savko and Jason Sinay got into position on that beautiful stage and blasted right into a song they hadn't performed for us at The Joint before - The Rolling Stones "Before They Make Me Run." No one could possible run away from that! Jamie did a great job on vocals, with Waddy wailing on incredible guitar riffs and Phil, Rick and Jason shaking the rafters. No one can do a Stones song like WWB! Perfection.

After Waddy made introductions for all those great players on stage with him, the guys blasted into AC/DC "Girl's Got Rhythm." Segue from the Stones to AC/DC? Of course..... no problem. All the girls got rhythm, and so did the dudes. More, please!

Jason followed the trend of showing how WWB can take any song and make it zing with his lead vocals on Neil Young's "Like A Hurricane." Jason kills those lead vocals, and he and Waddy played some delicious guitar riffs off each other. They gave us all inner hurricanes - the rockin' kind!

On to The Who "Substitute." Jamie and Waddy may have sang "I'm a substitute" but we all knew - if they're a substitute - we WANT them! So mmmmm!

Then Waddy took over lead vocals in honor of his dear friend Warren Zevon on "Lawyers Guns and Money." Waddy played guitar on that song many times with Warren - on his album and live gigs. Fantastic vocals and guitar for us from Waddy. And Waddy gave thanks to Warren at the end of the song. Thank you, Warren and Waddy!

Where do we go from here? Into Led Zeppelin's "The Ocean." WWB had no problem sailing through that song - or I should say: Rockin' over that ocean. We all jumped on board. Jamie once again showed he can sing like a motherfucker! I mean that in a good way. Phil, Rick and Jason took up the challenge of this difficult song and showed why they're sooooo respected and admired.

Keith Allison then took a song he'd played many times with Paul Revere and The Raiders - "Kicks" - and got us all kickin' up the dust. Great Rockin' 'n' Rollin' from our Keith always! He then sang The Band's "The Shape I'm In.” Keith is in great shape! No doubt about it.

Shall we get a slower song now? Maybe. Jamie and Waddy presented us with an incredible version of the Stones "Ruby Tuesday." Man, their harmonies were spine tingling. Ooooohhhh!

More spine tingling harmony vocals? Okay. When Jamie, Waddy and Jason blended their voices on The Who's “I Can See For Miles” - which was the last song of the first set - we all wanted to hear for miles more - more of WWB!

Short break.

Do you want me to go through every song of the second set? I could. :-) But here are the Cliff notes:
"Problem Child" - no problem for Jamie!
"All Down the Line" - We heard the whistle blow and wanted to be their little baby.
"Powderfinger" - Jason ain't no powder boy. Rockin'!
"Eight Miles High" - Exceptional harmony vocals from Waddy and Jamie. And a thrilling solo from Waddy.
"Immigrant Song" - Yes, Jamie!!!!!
"Monkey Man" - Jason the Ape was our man! Waddy on slide guitar - Amazing!
"C'Mon Everybody" - Okay, Keith, we're coming!
"Like a Rolling Stone" - Incredible Waddy lead vocal. Such intense feeling he put into it.
“Honky Tonk Women" - The Stones should hear this. They'd be proud!
"Sin City" - Jamie wailing on vocals with Waddy wailing on guitar. Waddy played some notes on guitar that Jamie matched exactly with his incredible voice.

Need I say more? I think not. WWB said it all!!!!!!!!! You gotta see to believe.

Set List:
On all songs:
Waddy Wachtel - Lead Guitar
Rick Rosas - Bass
Phil Jones - Drums

First Set:
1. "Before They Make Me Run" (The Rolling Stones) Jamie Savko lead vocals; Jason Sinay guitar
2. "Girl's Got Rhythm" (AC/DC) Jamie lead vocals; Waddy Wachtel harmony vocals; Jason guitar
3. "Like A Hurricane" (Neil Young) Jason lead vocals and guitar; Waddy harmony vocals
4. “Substitute” (The Who) Jamie lead vocals; Waddy harmony vocals
5. "Lawyers Guns and Money" (Warren Zevon) Waddy lead vocals; Jason guitar
6. "The Ocean" (Led Zeppelin) Jamie lead vocals; Waddy harmony vocals; Jason guitar
7. "Kicks" (Paul Revere and the Raiders) Keith Allison lead vocals and guitar; Jamie harmony vocals
8. "The Shape I'm In” (The Band) Keith Allison lead vocals and guitar; Waddy and Jamie harmony vocals
9. “Ruby Tuesday” (The Rolling Stones) Jamie and Waddy lead harmony vocals; Jason guitar and harmony vocals
10. “I Can See For Miles” (The Who) Jamie lead vocals; Waddy harmony vocals; Jason guitar and harmony vocals

Second Set:
1. "Problem Child" (AC/DC) Jamie lead vocals; Waddy harmony vocals; Jason guitar and harmony vocals
2. "All Down the Line" (The Rolling Stones) Jamie and Waddy harmony vocals; Jason guitar
3. "Powderfinger" (Neil Young) Jason lead vocals and guitar
4. "Eight Miles High" (The Byrds) Waddy and Jamie lead harmony vocals; Jason guitar
5. "Immigrant Song" (Led Zeppelin) Jamie lead vocals; Jason guitar
6. "Monkey Man" (The Rolling Stones) Jason lead vocals; Waddy slide guitar
7. "C'Mon Everybody" (Eddie Cochran) Keith lead vocals and guitar; Waddy harmony vocals
8. "Like a Rolling Stone" (Bob Dylan) Waddy lead vocals; Jason guitar
9. “Honky Tonk Women" (The Rolling Stones) Jamie lead vocals; Waddy harmony vocals; Jason guitar
10. "Sin City" (AC/DC) Jamie lead vocals

Thanks to all of you who came to the full-moon-lit gig - some from other parts of the country and from other countries - from me, Waddy and all the guys! As Waddy says: "You're what makes this happen! Thank you!"
We all say back at them: "Thank you for the great music!"

And as always, thanks to the great WWB crew and Joint folks for all they do to make the experience so delightful. John Philbrick, Charlie Wood, Charlie McIntosh, Mark Nathanson, Ondrea Faillace, Fernando and the bar maids, bar dudes and security helpers.
My personal thanks to you sweet rockers who have thanked me for these notices. It's my pleasure to keep you informed. Happy and appreciative me!

I know....... You want to know when the next WWB gig will be. I'll let you know as soon as Waddy confirms it. We WILL keep rockin' it up!
See you soon!

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