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Reviews and News - March 2007

Waddy Wachtel Band at The Joint 3/26/07

A bit about the Waddy Wachtel Band:

Waddy Wachtel is the musical director, lead and rhythm guitarist and vocalist. He founded the Monday Nights at The Joint with Phil Jones, Rick Rosas and Jack Tempchin about 7 years ago, and when Jack left Waddy took the lead - into presenting more ROCK-oriented songs. He's the Main Guy! :-D

Phil Jones (drums) and Rick Rosas (bass) were also founding members of Mondays at The Joint, and have been members of WWB since the beginning. They're always there, except when one of them has to go out on tour with another performer (like Rick did last year with Neil Young).

Brett Tuggle (keyboards, guitar, vocals) has been a regular member of WWB for about 3 years. He and Waddy have been friends for ages, and it was wonderful when Waddy brought Brett to The Joint when they both weren't on tour with Stevie Nicks.

Jamie Savko (vocals) just joined WWB last October after Waddy found him singing with another band and asked him to come sing with him and WWB. Jamie has been with WWB ever since.

So, who else is actually in WWB? Anyone who's lucky enough to be included by Waddy! :-D So, the Waddy Wachtel Band is composed of anyone up there on a Monday night. Cool, huh? Here are some other "members" of WWB:
Keith Allison - best known for his work with Paul Revere and the Raiders has been performing with WWB since their first gigs in 2000.
Bernard Fowler - background singer with the Rolling Stones, now has his own CD out, and has been singing with WWB on and off since the beginning.
Blondie Chaplin - background singer for the Rolling Stones, now has his own CD out, and has been singing and playing guitar with WWB on and off for about 3 years.
Jason Sinay - has been sitting in with WWB on guitar and vocals for many years when one of the other guys is away on tour.
Angus Thomas - former Miles Davis bass player, gigs with many other bands around town, and filled in for Rick Rosas last year when he was on tour.
Terry Reid - a legend on his own was an original member of WWB and sang and played guitar with them for many years until he took off about 2 years ago to work on his own music again.
Stacy Michelle Plunk - sang and played guitar with WWB for many years, but took off to pursue her own music and sing and play with Joe Walsh and Jerry Lee Lewis. She still joins WWB when she's in town and available.
Other "members" of WWB on occasion:
Keith Richards, Joe Walsh, Roger Daltrey, Jackson Browne, Donovan, Robert Plant, Peter Stroud, Mike Campbell, Doug Hamblin, Neil Young, Ivan Neville, Brian Johnson and many other too numerous for me to list. That's why you never know who's going to show up on a Monday night at The Joint - lots of superb musicians and vocalists are members of WWB. Waddy is such an incredible talent that many performers are happy to come jam with him.

What happened last Monday night 3/26? We ROCKED! I forgot to get the set list of songs performed, and when I started rifling through the garbage can looking for it, Jamie walked by and gave me a "tsk! tsk!" LOL So, sorry I can't list all the songs they played, but they rocked on "Like a Rolling Stone", "Lawyers, Guns and Money" and ended the last set with "Bitch". Oh, they also played a great version of "Honky Tonk Woman" and "Cinnamon Girl." Angus Thomas and Jimmy Paxson were in the crowd, but neither of them got up to play - just enjoyed the music with the rest of us.

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