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Reviews and News - October 11, 2013

Review: Waddy Wachtel Band 10/11/13

Note from Nina:

YESSSS......... It was another great show we got treated to by the Waddy Wachtel Band on Friday night, October 11 at The Joint here in Los Angeles!!! How could it not be with all those pros up on stage ready to blast the roof off?

All engines were turned on and ready to shift into high gear - band and audience alike. And when the guys hit the stage...... HIGH gear and we were off to wonderland!

We started the night on "The Ocean" and WWB took us sailing fast on a very fine schooner with their wonderful rendition of Led Zep's song. Jamie Savko provided lead vocals that many singers would give up their oars to be able to hit notes like he does. Waddy Wachtel and Ron Dziubla piped right in with delightful harmony vocals. Waddy killed on his guitar solo, and Ron showed he's not only a great sax player, but he can also play guitar. Phil Jones blasted on those drums - he never misses a beat - and is a treasure to any band. Rick Rosas fingered those bass strings like the pro he is and showed why he's referred to as Rick "THE bass player" Rosas.

After band intros by Waddy to a roar of appreciation and applause by all of us, WWB got us fired up with a great AC/DC song "Problem Child." Gotta love the way WWB does those AC/DC songs - no problems for anyone.

Bernard Fowler gripped that mic and made us all very hot singing lead on the Stones "She Was Hot." Bernard was HOT! That's why the Stones have made sure he's been on all their tours for many years and sings on most of their albums.

Don't stop, Bernard. "Okay" he said. And showed he doesn't just sing Stones songs. When he sang lead on the next song - The Hollies "I Can't Let Go" - we were all reaching up to him and letting him and WWB know we can't let go either!

There's no substitute for WWB. When Jamie sang The Who's "Substitute" with harmonies by Waddy we all felt: If they're substitutes, we'll take them happily! Here was a real power trio - Waddy, Phil and Rick making it sound so full and rich that if you closed your eyes, you'd swear there were several guys on that stage.

Do we need some Warren Zevon? Yes, please. Waddy was happy to oblige by singing fantastic vocals on "Lawyers Guns and Money." If anyone knows how to sing and play that song, it's Waddy! He must have played it a gazillion times with Warren, and he nails it every time WWB does it.

Keith Allison came up on stage and wished all of us a Happy Halloween. What's he up to? Oh.... of course..... Warren's "Werewolves of London" which was written by Waddy, Warren and Roy Marinell. What a fun Halloween treat from Keith. Plus Waddy running his slide down his guitar neck as well as his always amazing solos.

Now, come on! Keith got us all happy we were invited to come on board with them when he rocked through Eddie Cochran's "C'mon Everybody." Yes, Keith, we're coming in high gear. Ron picked up his sax for that song and blew - blew us away he's so good.

Bernard then came on stage with 2 glasses of vodka and handed one to Waddy. It was a very special moment as Waddy and Bernard asked us to give a toast to a dear friend of theirs who left us this year - Babi Floyd. As Waddy said, Bobby (Babi) was not only a dear friend but also was an integral part of the X-Pensive Winos with him and Keith Richards. Bernard also valued him as a dear friend and singer on many albums with the Stones. There was a memorial for Babi in NYC the same night as this gig, and though Waddy and Bernard couldn't be there they give a wonderful tribute to him and then broke into........
Yes! Babi would be smiling and we were all more than satisfied.

The closing song of the first set was AC/DC's "Live Wire." By that point we were all electrified! Jamie let his vocal chords open wide and hit some high notes that made us feel that live wire all the way up and down our spines. In the middle of the song, Phil and Rick stopped playing and Waddy played an burning guitar solo. Talk about notes! Woweeee! Waddy mesmerizes everyone the way his fingers move on those strings. Lucky us!

After the usual short break, WWB came back for...... a second set of Rockin'!

They started the second set with a song they hadn't played for us before. Randy Newman's "I Love L.A." We love it! We love L.A. We love WWB. We love WWB in L.A. Waddy played rhythm guitar and sang background vocals on that song on Randy's 1983 album Trouble in Paradise. He also played guitar with Randy on that song for the 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony when Randy was inducted. Great song, and great hearing WWB doing it!

Jamie then showed his wide range of vocals by singing lead on Neil Young's "Hey Hey, My My." Don't hate me for saying this, but I was never into that song. When I heard Jamie singing it with Waddy and Ron doing background vocals and Phil and Rick pumping it up - I loved it!

Next was 2 David Bowie songs taken to the highest level by Bernard's lead vocals. "Suffragette City" and "Heroes." Fantastic! Ondrea (the wonderful owner of The Joint) rushed up front to dance with us on "Heroes." With Bernard reaching out and singing like that - he's definitely a hero.

Harmony vocals supreme! Jamie and Waddy dovetailed with beautiful harmonies on the next 2 songs. "I Can See For Miles" reminded us that we were on a wonderful voyage with them, "Ruby Tuesday" cinched the deal. Yup...... high gear! Ron (is there anything he can't play?) joined in with delightful harmonies on flute. Yes, flute.

Keith wailed on "The Shape I'm In." He's in great shape!

Waddy thrilled us with another lead vocal on "Live With Me." I don't think anyone wouldn't want to be there - to hear Waddy all the time. He lives and breathes Rock 'n' Roll. Yes, please!

Jamie gave another fantastic lead vocal on "Immigrant Song." That's not an easy song to play or sing, but we've got the best up on that stage. Yes, we do. After the song, Waddy gave much appreciation to Jamie and to Ron for his guitar playing. Waddy said he found Ron as a great sax player, then found he could also play guitar - and was thankful for finding him.

How do we end the night? We don't want it to end! Give the mic to Bernard. He finished off this wonderful night with "Down Payment Blues." We all decided we'll make a down payment on the next WWB gig! All of them!

More WWB gigs on the way! I'll list them below the set list.

Set List:
On all songs:
Waddy Wachtel - Lead Guitar
Phil Jones - Drums
Rick Rosas - Bass

First Set:
1. "The Ocean" (Led Zeppelin) Jamie Savko lead vocals; Waddy Wachtel harmony vocals; Ron Dziubla guitar and harmony vocals
2. "Problem Child" (AC/DC) Jamie lead vocals; Waddy harmony vocals; Ron guitar and harmony vocals
3. “She Was Hot” (Rolling Stones) Bernard Fowler lead vocals; Jamie and Waddy harmony vocals; Ron guitar
4. "I Can't Let Go" (The Hollies) Bernard lead vocals; Waddy and Jamie harmony vocals; Ron Guitar
5. “Substitute” (The Who) Jamie lead vocals; Waddy harmony vocals
6. "Lawyers Guns and Money" (Warren Zevon) Waddy lead vocals; Ron guitar
7. "Werewolves of London" (Zevon, Wachtel, Marinell) Keith Allison lead vocals and guitar; Waddy lead and slide guitar
8. "C'Mon Everybody" (Eddie Cochran) Keith lead vocals and guitar; Waddy harmony vocals; Ron saxophone
9. "Satisfaction" (The Rolling Stones) Bernard lead vocals; Waddy harmony vocals; Ron guitar
10. “Live Wire” (AC/DC) Jamie lead vocals; Waddy harmony vocals; Ron guitar and harmony vocals

Second Set:
1. "I Love L.A." (Randy Newman) Waddy and Jamie lead harmony vocals; Ron guitar
2. "Hey Hey, My My [Into the Black]" (Neil Young) Jamie lead vocals; Waddy harmony vocals; Ron guitar and harmony vocals
3. "Suffragette City" (David Bowie) Bernard lead vocals; Jamie harmony vocals; Ron saxophone
4. “Heroes" (David Bowie) Bernard lead vocals; Ron saxophone
5. “I Can See For Miles” (The Who) Jamie lead vocals; Waddy harmony vocals; Ron guitar and harmony vocals
6. “Ruby Tuesday” (The Rolling Stones) Jamie and Waddy lead harmony vocals; Ron flute
7. "The Shape I'm In” (The Band) Keith lead vocals and guitar; Waddy and Jamie harmony vocals; Ron saxophone
8. “Live With Me” (The Rolling Stones) Waddy lead vocals; Jamie harmony vocals; Ron saxophone
9. "Immigrant Song" (Led Zeppelin) Jamie lead vocals; Ron guitar
10. "Down Payment Blues" (AC/DC) Bernard lead vocals; Ron guitar

Huge thanks from Waddy and all the guys to those of you who come to these gigs with your smiles and energy. As Waddy says: "We can't do this without you!"

And big thanks to the great WWB crew and Joint folks for all they do to make this experience so delightful. John Philbrick, Charlie McIntosh, Mark Nathanson, Ondrea Faillace, Fernando and the bar maids, bar dudes and security helpers.

Upcoming gigs:
At The Joint Los Angeles:
Saturday, November 16, 2013
Saturday, November 30, 2013
Saturday, December 21, 2013 - Holiday Bash

See you there and Keep Rockin'!!!

"She Was Hot"

Bernard Fowler - Lead Vocals
Waddy Wachtel - Lead Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Jamie Savko - Harmony Vocals
Phil Jones - Drums
Rick Rosas - Bass
Ron Dziubla - Guitar
Video by Karen Alvarez

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